SERVICES: Product launche

When starting a new line of products it is very important to attract people's attention and make you product stand out among those brands that already exist on the market. Organizing shows and various events is one of the key elements and instrument for success. The more exclusive the event program is, the quicker and more effective the goal will be reached.  A performance delivered by Vasek Klouda is one of these original instruments that really work - your audience gets the best of both worlds – a spectacular performance that combines elements of both footbag and football freestyle – a distinctive and elegant mix that is rarely seen if ever before!

Throughout his career Vasek Klouda regularly participates in the launch of new products of various companies throughout Europe. Among some of the partnership projects are:

Launch of a new line of popular shoes brand K-Swiss. Vasek Klouda became the face of the advertising campaign – his live performances were broadcasted in Cape Town, South Africa and Europe

Gillette new product launch

Presenting a new Skoda model on the the Czech market

Advertising services of a Greek mobile operator ΓΕΡΜΑΝΟΣ

OPPO  Mobile presenting new mobile on Egypt market

Both football and footbag freestyle  represent an effective way to communicate and then deliver your product to your customers in the best package available. Vasek Klouda’s presentation is always an individually designed program that helps emphasize the exceptional characteristics and the exceptional quality of your product. 

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