SERVICES: Coaching

“How to learn Freestyle Football and what is the best place to start?” – probably is the first question that comes to mind of any beginner.  It is not a secret that regular trainings are the foundation of any sport and extensive trainings is the sure way how to get on top of your game! Regardless of whether you are just starting out or you are already an experienced player, private lessons one-on- one with a world-class professional Vasek Klouda, will greatly increase your level and add some new skills to those that you already have . Football freestyle school (a club) will help you and your child not only to learn how to perform basic elements, but also to learn complex tricks, achieve greater object and self control, and learn the secrets from the one and only master.

Vasek Klouda has an extensive experience in effective training and teaching footbag and football freestyle of people of all ages at all levels of the disciplines. He is the founder of the first Czech freestyle football association (CFFA) as well as an active participant of various online Footbag schools and is the author of video tutorials and author of the book «The Vasek Klouda Manual: How to Play Footbag».

Quite often Vasek Klouda leads workshops for his audience after performing at a school, football competition, a party for children or some large corporate event. Such experience and communication with the public always sparks the audience’s interest and no matter whether you are an absolute beginner or already have some freestyle experience under your belt, there is always something new and exciting that everyone can quickly learn and have fun with!

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