FOOTBAG: Order a show

You are getting an unusual show that unites some of the most spectacular elements in it: beatboxfootbag and football freestyle. It will be a real treat not only for the warm and cozy companies, but also for large and corporate events.  

An endless flow of music and sports tricks is something that is really worth witnessing rather than talking about. The professionalism of the artist on stage plays the decisive role in the success of any event. In Russia this new type of show was pioneered by Vasek Klouda. A role model in the world of freestyle, he is the only person on the planet who combines the three unique components of football, footbag and beatbox together. Being one of the most popular entertainers in Europe, the legendary Czech athlete continues not only being involved in the competition, but also pleases the audience with his skills on a variety of events:

In the forefront of some of the largest leading world-wide brands such as Skittles, Pepsi, Vodafone, Adidas.

Video broadcast in: Germany, Cape Town, South Africa and Europe.

Promotional campaigns for multinational brands such as Adidas, Gillette, MacDonald's, Coca-Cola.

Presentation performance: marketing a new Skoda model, Gillette product line update, filming

Shows at the official opening ceremonies of various sporting events: a tennis match between Petra Kvitova and Maria Sharapova in the Czech Republic; football matches in the UEFA Champions League in Germany.

Interactive shows, including performances for children within the charitable and corporate events.


Each performance is always a big surprise for the audience, a symbiosis of professionalism and an extraordinary energy!


More than 200 most fantastic and unexpected football and footbag freestyle tricks to the sounds of either contemporary or classical music makes the audience wonder how it is humanly possible with such an incredible dexterity to perform all those amazing tricks. A magnificent 5 minute performance that combines elements of footbag and football freestyle to the beat of the music created right there on stage - it is a memory that will remain with you and your clients forever! The nature of music is often unusual, but a freestyle performance to the classical music has definitely become the most favorite of all times, so make sure you do not miss it! Another attraction and highlight of any event is getting the audience engaged into doing tricks with any object around, you just name it. Your car keys, a cell phone or even a can of soda can become an object of an artistic manipulation right in front of your eyes same way you have just seen a regular football or footbag being juggled, delayed and kicked around.


An unusual presentation combined with striking talent of Vasek Klouda always causes great interest, and there are certainly those who want to test and improve their own abilities. This is the reason why after each performance there is always a short master class that gives everyone a chance to put their skills to the test, have fun in the company of their friends and colleagues and, of course, enjoy learning something new and exciting!

As soon as the participants have mastered the basic kick and tricks and have the basic understanding of body control, they have an opportunity to demonstrate their achievements and compete with each other for a prize from Vasek Klouda himself.

An exciting performance in combination with an interactive component is also highly suited for small audiences and can create a great atmosphere and overall engagement of every single one of the guests.

P.S. If you desire, we are able to create branded products and sportswear with your company logo on it.