Football tricks or what is also known as football freestyle is becoming more and more popular discipline when it comes to picking your own kind of sport. Even modern football stars never miss an opportunity to show off some of their spectacular tricks. No wonder that everyone watching must be dreaming of having skills like that!

The birth of football freestyle has to do a lot with the beginning of the XX century. That is when some of circus artists began to include tricks with a football as a part of their program.

Sometime later Diego Maradona demonstrated one of the first football freestyle tricks that was named “Around the world” for obvious reasons - you are moving your leg around the ball. However, the year 2003 is when things got bigger and an amateur video featuring Sufiani Tuzani came out to strike the imagination of millions of people.

The very first freestyle football world championship was on the 17th of November in San-Paulo. Athletes out of 44 countries came to the Mecca of South African football in order to claim their right to be a champion. It turned out that stars such as Edgar Steven Davids (Netherlands), Bebeto (Brazil) and indoor football champion Paulo Roberto Falcão (Brazil) had still a lot to learn! The winner of each round was determined by the jury that consisted of the legendary Edgar Steven Davids, Bebeto - a football world champion of 1998, Paulo Roberto Falcão – FIFA 2008 indoor football as well as Crazy Legs - a legendary break dancer from New York.


Video on football freestyle


Every single day more and more people get attracted to the football freestyle shaping the disciple and giving it a few directions to develop. Here are just some of the few:

Lowerbody/Air Moves - This is the most popular with the new generation of freestylers. The ball is kept aloft using mainly the feet and legs. This style is considered to be the most difficult and the one that gives a multitude of opportunities to come up with new moves and impressive combinations.

Groundmoves - These are normal football moves, but then executed without an opponent. Skillful players can make the performance of groundmoves seem like a choreographed dance.

Another, not any less spectacular and, perhaps, one of the most popular styles is called “sitting”. Sitting/Sit Down - This style has become well known. All tricks are executed while sitting on the floor with your legs in the air. The inability to move towards the ball greatly increases the difficulty of any trick performed.


Despite the variety of disciples and styles, football freestyle tricks have been exactly the same for a long time – the same standard set of tricks. Fortunately, this changed when an extraordinary athlete, a 12 time world champion, entered into the game. His unique ability and flawless control of the small ball let him easily make the transition to football freestyle and significantly expand his arsenal of tricks.

Freestyle stars from all over the world highly appreciate the talent of Vasek Klouda and frequently invite him to do shows together whether it is local or large sports events. His unique abilities and unforgettable performances is another reason why multinational corporations such as Adidas, Gillete, Pepsi, Nokia, Skittles, McDonald’s, K-swiss, Coca-Cola have been continuing to work with the athlete for more than 10 years.