Footbag Freestyle is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular and unusual modern sports activities. An athlete uses a small soft ball of a diameter of only 5 cm filled with a mix of birdshot and plastic pellets to perform breathtaking stunts to the rhythm of the music. For a fabulous freestyle show not only a filigree execution of tricks is important, but also a harmonious blend of music, artistry and dynamics in the room play a major role in the success of the performance.

Back in 1972, an unexpected acquaintance of two Americans led to later what became known as footbag. A home crafted bag full of beans that John Stalberger used to kick around turned out to be not just a fun way of entertainment when you spend time with your friends, but also a rather effective exercise to help heal Mike Marshall’s recent knee injury. The two young men named their invention «Hack the Sack» and decided to let know as many other people as they could to make the game popular among the youth. Despite nearly a half a century long history of footbag, in Russia the movement is gaining its strength and what you are more likely to see is people playing “socks” in a circle, kicking and passing a small ball back and forth to one another. In reality, footbag has outgrown a simple passion of thousands of players and become a separate sport with its own rules, standards and stars, becoming the basis for a whole new subculture.

In fact, the undisputed leader, in 2002 at just only 15 years of age, Vasek Klouda, became the legend of footbag conquering the hearts of the people with his incredible skill and talent on top of an endless list of new and exciting tricks. Vasek Klouda is the proud owner of 12 World Championships as well as 12 European Championships titles. It is the superhuman speed and technicality, with which the Czech athlete performs his tricks, captures the attention of the audiences. See that for yourself by checking out the video below

The main competitive discipline in freestyle footbag is Routine. It is a two-minute performance to the music, during which the player must have the ability to not only to flawlessly do tricks to the music, but also combine them with the artistic elements in the right proportions with the right timing. Today there are more than 2000 tricks that are known in freestyle footbag and the number is continuously growing thanks to the number of infinite variations and combinations of elements that are available in the sport. Moving your feet around the bag and performing delays on practically any surface whether it is the sole of the shoes of the forehead of the player are just a few tricks from the arsenal of every footbag player. The inside of and the toe areas of your shoes are probably the most commonly used surfaces that have brought some of the most unthinkable tricks to reality and to the quality, size and even shape of these two surfaces play a big role when it comes to picking your professional sports gear.

Today, footbag is becoming one of the most popular and fastest growing sports. It has received a wide spread in Europe, USA and Japan. One of the most valuable things that freestylers themselves as well as the fans appreciate is that there is no limit to perfection. Everyone can hone their own skills to the desired level or set out for a journey for new trends and styles to bring some of their own elements and flavor into the game.