Beatbox is a new ultramodern trend in the music industry with a number of followers growing every year. It is an imitation of a wide variety of musical instruments and sounds and the art of producing drum beatsrhythms, and musical sounds using only one's vocal abilities.

Though it might come as a surprising face, it turns out that the roots of Beatbox can be traced back to the year 1200. On the streets of the South of France, the wandering around troubadours (mostly poets and musicians) would often vocally imitate various musical instruments in order to replace their musical composition. But back then, this phenomenon did not receive a lot of attention. India, Africa and America are some of the places where various forms of voice imitations have been used for centuries, but traditionally they are a part of the rituals. Eventually, in the 1880s, African groups that would often sing a cappella (singing without instrumental sound) began to gain popularity, and that is when some of the first form of vocal percussion became known to the public. Later, in 1900, songs without any vocals were extensively used. One of such songs is the work of Sergei Rachmaninoff «Vocalise» that was published in 1912.

The art of beatbox as we see it in the modern form these days was born in New York in the middle of the XX century when in New York as well as a number of other cities, musicians were rapping to the sounds of drum machines. The Golden Age of Beatbox was in the 80s – that is when an artist by the name of Buffy came up on the scene creating his own style that to this day remains the hallmark for many beatboxers around the globe. Ten years have passed and the new trend began to lose its popularity. From 1990 until 2000 beatbox was mainly a part of an underground movement along with breakdancing, graffiti and skateboarding. A new turn began when a betboxer by the name of Rahzel released a full-length beatbox album – something that had not been ever done before. From this moment on, the art of beatbox not only has reached a broad coverage, but also began its new development giving start to a number of professional music associations.

Today boxing is no longer just a component of the hip-hop culture. It has significantly grown and become an independent area of the music industry. Whether it is dubbing cartoons or accompanying a vocalist, rhythmic accompaniment of dance and sports performances - modern industry of entertainment would not be complete without this original component.

Video on the beatbox

No doubt, the internet is packed with beatbox videos and is full of skilled talents, but the real revolution began when Vasek Klouda, a 9 time world footbag champion stepped up on stage. At 31 - he has his word in several sports areas. This might have seemed enough for most, but pushing the limits even further, Vasek Klouda brings in all the three main ingredients for a successful show - a marvelous combination of beatbox, footbag and football freestyle all in one piece. His spectacular and sparking performances were a reason for becoming a star of a popular Czech show "The Czech Republic is looking for talents”. Another interesting and surprising fact might be that Vasek Klouda played the key role by inspiring and helping Felix Zenger, originally a fellow Finnish footbag freestyler to rise to the top and become one of the brightest starts in the beatboxing world on the planet. These are, of course, just some of the bits of a much bigger picture…nowadays beatbox is going through different stages of changes each day becoming more and more complex and elaborate, so who knows, maybe it is you who will become the one to contribute to this culture and turn everything upside town and inside out by taking brand new approach to create your own unique style and maybe even a new genre of amazing art of beatbox!