Vasek Klouda – the man recognized in the world of sports as no other than “The Golden Boy”. He is the star of football and footbag freestyle and is also known as “The King of Footbag”. An amazing story of success began in the year 2000 when he was only 14 years of age. Tharenks to one of the Starburst promotional campaigns that introduced Vasek into the world of footbag and made push himself beyond the limits of one's edurance, strength and, in just in two years, letting him reach the highest, never thought of before level of footbag austerity and, to this day, remaining almost an unbeatable opponent.

No wonder in 2002 in SF he earns his first title of the world champion and becomes the youngest world champion in the history of the sport. A new era of Vasek Klouda has come and led to global expansion of the sport itself, as well as all the products that have become a part of the culture. The combination of drive for continious success and desire to accomplish the unthinkable, hour of hard work have truly made Vasek Klouda an undisputed champion: at 31 he is the owner of 12 time world champion titles, 6 of which were earned in a row.

Vasek Klouda is an 14 time European and 9 time World Champion in freestyle footbag. Taekwondoo, tenis and being the captain of his chess team were some of those activities that laid the foundation for what later became the hobby of his life. Vasek’s ability to put all the time into hard work to master and perfect the new, never seen before tricks along with his openness, humbleness and modesty make Vasek Klouda a truly extraordinary athlete and a role model for the youth all over Europe and the rest of the world.

Whenever Vasek Klouda is on stage you hear an overwhelming round of applauds and something like a handshake from the star usually means a lot for someone who is just starting to become better in the sport.

Such overwhelming success and ability to work with the any type of crowd puts Vaek ahead of the most, which is why such worldwide multinational brands such as Gillette, Adidas, McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Vodafone, K-Swiss, Skittles and Pepsi have been working with the talent for over than 10 years. Vasek Klouda is a frequent guest of TV shows among which a hollywood show "Jimmy Kimmel Live" and also one of the most poplular czech program named "Czechoslovakia is looking for talents".

The attention of the editors have always been drawn by the unique combination of a performance with a variety of round objects to the sounds of a human beatbox machine - a new format that yet does not have analogues in the world.

At the peak of his career in 2008 football freestyle becomes another powerful tool in the arsenal of the Czech athlete. Utilizing the experience gained through years of playing footbag, now Vasek is demonstrating the tricks that even Ronaldinho could only dream of. On top of that, in 2009 Vasek Klouda creates the first Czech football freestyle association which makes a significant impact on the development of the sport and the industry as a whole.



San Francisco, 2002. World Champion in footbag disciplines single routine

Montreal, 2004.Footbag World Champion in the discipline single routine

Helsinki, 2005. Footbag World Champion in the discipline single routine

Frankfurt, 2006. Footbag World Champion in the discipline single routine

Florida, in 2007. Footbag World Champion in the discipline single routine

Prague, 2008. II place at the World Footbag Championship in the discipline single routine

Berlin, 2009. Footbag World Champion in the discipline single routine

San Francisko, 2010. II place at the World Footbag Championship in the discipline single routine

Helsinky, 2011.  II place at the World Footbag Championship in the discipline request

Warshaw, 2012. 1. place at the World Footbag Championship in the discipline ironman

Paris, 2014. 1. place at the World Footbag Championship in the discipline request

Copenhagen, 2015. Footbag World Champion in the discipline circle

Trnava, 2016. II place at World Footbag Championship in the discipline single routine

Portland, 2017. Footbag Word Champion in the discipline circle


Prague, 2001. Champion European Footbag

Budapest, 2002. European champion Footbag

Frankfurt, 2003. Champion European Footbag

Copenhagen, 2004. Champion European Footbag

Warsaw, 2005. Champion European Footbag

Lausanne, 2006. Champion European Footbag

Vienna, 2007. Champion European Footbag

Montpellier, 2008. Champion European Footbag

Strelin, 2009. Champion European Footbag

Madrid, 2011. Champion European Footbag

Aachen, 2012. II place at the European Footbag Championship

Moscow, 2013. Champion European Footbag

Turku, 2014. Champion European Footbag

Sofia, 2015. Champion European Footbag

Frankfurt, 2016. Champion European Footbag 

Madrid, 2017. II place at the Europen Footbag Championship


Germany, 2002 and 2012, 1st place

Czech Republic, 2002, 2004-2009, 2015, 2017 1st place

Hungary, 2003-2005, 1st place

Switzerland, 2003-2005, 1st place

Germany, in 2003, 1st place

France, 2004, 1st place

Poland, 2004-2006, 2008, 1st place

Finland, in 2004, 1st place

Austria, 2005, 1st place

Denmark, 2006, 1st place

USA, 2007, 1st place


Czech Republic, 2008, Czech champioships 2nd place

Czech Republic, 2009. Czech freestyle Cup champion

Russia, 2013. Redbul 2nd place

Russia, 2013. Moscow football cup 1st place

Czech Republic, 2014, Czech champioships 3rd place

Czech Republic, 2015, Czech champioships 3rd place